Makeup Lessons

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As a Makeup Artist, a lot of women ask me how to apply makeup that lasts long, eyeliner and eyeshadow symmetrically applied especially. If you’re looking to refresh your look, would like to learn what colours suit you best, colour match foundation correctly, eyeliners subtle or bold, or are completely learning from scratch,  I will show you how to get the look you’ve always wanted. I offer a wide range of Makeup Lessons, tailored to each individual needs and expectations. 

I also offer Anti-ageing Makeup Lessons. I understand some of the battles faced as a mature woman when it comes to eyes. Hooded eyelids can often make eyes look tired and heavy.  Although there is no miracle cure to wrinkles and sagging eyes unless surgery or botox, you can however naturally lift and brighten eyes with eyeshadow and subtle liner. Creating an optical allusion that makes the eyes appear much younger and vibrant.

Working with flaws, imperfections and skin conditions on many of my clients, I can teach you how to apply/choose the right Makeup and skincare which can improve the appearance. Below will give you an idea of the main complaints people have, they’re more common than you think, you’re not alone!

Uneven Skin Tone, Sun Damage, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Open Pores, Broken Veins, Pigmentation, Birthmark, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin, Allergies, Blemishes, Acne, Age spots, Dark Circles, Tired Eyes, Wrinkles, Lip Lines, Facial Hair, No Eyebrow Hair, Sparse or No Lashes, Scaring, Bags, Dropped Eyelids, Thinning Lips, Glaucoma, Dry Eye, Eye Twitching, Lazy Eye.

I offer a 2.5 hour one-to-one lesson in the comfort of your own home, I supply all the Makeup/Brushes and tools, how to apply, lots of advice and tips/makeup techniques.

2.5 hour one-to-one Makeup lesson £100

Gift Vouchers available

 Please note: I only offer personal Makeup Lessons, I’m not a school or college and do not teach or train people to be Makeup Artists.